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How It Works

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Selling servers doesn’t have to be difficult! Simply fill out our short form dropdowns to let us know your server’s configuration and we’ll get you a free purchase offer right away!

Server Shipping

Standard packing materials for servers just won’t cut it. When you sell your server to us, we’ll create a custom foam insert box for your server and ship you the box, protecting your asset in transit. Simply put the server in, slap on the label, and send it our way!

Receive Payment

Payment for servers doesn’t have to take weeks! Per your preference, we can send payment through PayPal or Company check. Sell servers easily today!

Why SMS Assembly?

Simply put, we make it easy and secure to sell servers . We have thousands of positive seller ratings and specialize in IT asset value recovery exclusively.
SMS has been family owned and run for 26 years, and our reps can provide helpful insights above and beyond standard resale services. 


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PC Gamers

IT Specialists
Here at SMSAssembly, we realized that old platforms like eBay just didn’t provide an adequate solution to sell servers and other components. We wanted a solution that we ourselves would happily use.
To remedy this void, we created a secure, timely process for server resale. Now our solution provides consumers with a way to quickly recoup value from their servers to reinvest or save.
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