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Why SMS Assembly?

When you need to sell cpus, we provide the fastest service in the business with the longest solid track record.
We’ve been family owned and run for over 25 years, and our past customers can attest to the trustworthiness of our cpu resale services. 

How It Works

Get Purchase Offer

To sell your cpu(s), select the relevant form dropdown options and submit! We’ll get back to you with our best purchase offer for your processors in a jiffy!

Ship Your Processors

We provide everything you need to ship your processors! To keep them safe in transit, we provide a free box, cpu tray, packing materials, and a shipping label with insurance! Just slap the label on the box and drop it off at the mailbox!

Receive Payment

When you sell your cpu to us, you get paid a fair price quickly! We offer payment for your cpus with company check or PayPal. Sell cpus today!


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PC Gamers

IT Specialists
For years, professionals lacked an easy solution to sell cpus and other computer/ server components. Using its position and history within the industry, SMSAssembly decided to change that.
By providing that easy solution to sell cpus and other components, individuals can now quickly free up capital to reinvest in the new hardware that they need.

Have Bulk Quantity?

Our asset value recovery process is equipped to handle whatever volume of equipment you need to liquidate! Get in contact with us below and your very own dedicated sales rep will reach out to you shortly.

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