Old Processors Have Resale Value at SMS Assembly

Intel® Xeon® Processor E5620  (12M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 5.86 GT/s Intel® QPI)
Getting rid of old and outdated computer parts such as processors can prove to be a serious hassle for businesses. Although tossing the parts into garbage dumps is simple and convenient, doing so results in businesses contributing to the planet’s environmental problems.

Sending the parts to reclamation facilities is responsible, but can be expensive and time-consuming. However, businesses are not restricted to these two options when it comes to unwanted computer parts.

For businesses uninterested in either dumping their old processors or sending them in to be reclaimed, there is also the option of selling the old processors to SMS Assembly.

Desktop, laptop, and server CPUs are primarily made by Intel and AMD. Even if the computer fails, the processors are often still functional and have resale value. Feel free to send us a list of idle CPUs to for a quick quote.

We buy a few varieties of Intel processors. For desktop processors, if it doesn’t have pins we buy it by the processors. If it does have pins, we can buy it by the pound for gold value. Some of the older processors use a lot of gold for conductive and cooling purposes thereby raising their scrap metal value. The Intel 486 and 486 processors are especially valuable.

The most valuable are the newer series of Intel Xeon server processors E3, E5, and E7. The E5600 series are still quite valuable, followed by the less desirable E5500 and E5400 series Xeons.

We purchase desktop and laptop Intel processors in the following categories: Pentium 4 (P4), Pentium D (PD), Core 2 Duo (C2D), Core 2 Quad (C2Q), i3, i5, i7. The following price ranges can be used as a guideline:

12-28-12KB CPU Pricing

Pentium 4 (P4) $0.50 to $1.00
Pentium D (PD) 805 to 960 $0.50 to $7.00
Dual-Core (DC) E2140 to E6600 $12.00 to $20.00
Core 2 Duo (C2D) E4300 to E8500 $15.00 to $30.00
Core 2 Quad (C2Q) Q6600 to Q9550 $35.00 to $80.00
i3 i5-330 to i3-3240 $20.00 to $55.00
i5 i5-430 to i5-3610 $25.00 to $70.00
i7 i7-610 to i7-3840QM $50.00 to $150.00

**Ranges are rough estimates based on pricing history

Benefits of Selling Used Processors to SMS

Selling old processors to SMS Assembly earns the seller the standard benefits of disposal, plus some additional benefits. Getting rid of old processors and other unwanted computer equipment frees up space in the seller’s premises that can be used for more productive purposes.

Selling used processors earns a nice profit to soothe the sting of removing the assets from their accounts, which helps because most parts still retain some economic value at the time of being replaced. SMS Assembly has refined its operations so that the entire selling process is simple from start to finish.

What SMS Does with Old Processors

Processors tend to retain some of their usefulness and thus economic value at the time of disposal, meaning that SMS Assembly can refurbish these parts and then resell them. Similarly, computer parts often contain valuable materials that can be reclaimed and resold. Examples include the gold used in circuit boards, the copper used in power cords, and the plastic used to make computer cases.

SMS Assembly strips computer parts of these reclaimable materials, it also ensures that toxic materials do not enter the environment through garbage dumps. Selling old processors to SMS Assembly is considered an eco-friendly disposal option.

Find out for yourself just how easy it is to sell your excess IT equipment to SMS. But act now, because used memory, server and networking equipment loses value every day.  Contact us today.


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